Should I Continue Playing Pokemon Go?

Are you playing this phenomenal game that’s sweeping the world right now?  I’m sure you are!  I see you, you and you on the MRT, walking on the roads, hanging around parks, running on streets, stooping in weird positions at the most awkward, “tat lor”(挡路,blocking the road) places swiping at your screens with a grim determination to #catchthemall!!  I know, I know… Cuz I just downloaded the game last week… and then deleted it this week.  It was quite a painful decision but these are my 3 reasons why I stopped.

  1. Pokemon Go is an incredible time suck –
    Time and effort which I don’t have, unfortunately, so I’ll never be a worldclass Pokemon Trainer with the incredible arsenal of powered up monsters.  To really be good at the game, you’ll have to commit the time and physically leave the house to go to all the obscure spots in Singapore.  Then you have to walk or jog to hatch your eggs.  Then collect more stardust and monster-specific sweets to evolve them.  Then go to the gym and battle.  Speaking of which, there was an epic battle going on at my gym with the gym switching switching colours every 5 minutes.  It was almost as exciting as watching Schooling’s race for the finals.  Nah… it’s still more exciting watching Schooling create Olympic history for Singapore!!! YAY!!!

    Okay, back to Pokemon.  So all these activities take too much time and mobility that I unfortunately don’t have.  You can’t tell, but I am secretly envious of all those people hanging around parks at midnight, chasing the elusive Golduck at Bishan Park.  Crazy stuff I wish I was doing in Uni cuz no one sleeps in hall.  [I was from Sheares Hall by the way.  It was a great experience without all the weird stuff going on now.  #shearesandproud]  Being chained at home while the kids are sleeping is not so conducive for world ambitions of a Top Pokemon Trainer.  Then why don’t I make it a family affair that my kids can join in too and we can all exercise together??

  2. No.  Because Pokemon Go is NOT good for family interaction
    The moment my kids saw that I was playing Pokemon Go on my phone and I was just trying my darndest best to collect Pokeballs on the road, they demanded to have a turn.  And then proceeded to bicker over who had control over the phone.  That was not fun because i) I wasn’t playing and ii) I had to break up and moderate the fights. Not so fun.  It was also very disturbing to see my kids having their eyes glued on the screens the entire journey, hardly looking up to search for cranes or excavators, or look at trees and flowers, or playing I Spy game, or pretending to be driving a spaceship and having space adventures having close shaves avoiding speeding meteors.  It was deathly silent, and the kids were just looking out for the next Pokestop and swiping and swiping and swiping.  It honestly freaked me out.  And me?  I know I’m distracted and monosyllabic when I’m on the game too.  That’s not family interaction and this is enough grounds for me stopping.  Besides, I’ve invested too much effort in keeping the kids off technology and I’m not going to start giving in to their iphone cravings now.


    Stock photo. Cuz I can’t get a photo of my kids playing Pokemon when they won’t give me back my phone! 


  3. Does Pokemon have roots in the occultic? 
    Ur… I don’t know.  I’ve tried to read up a bit but every article just seems so emotionally charged or inconclusive that there isn’t a clear answer on this.  There are accounts of people who have knowledge of the occult and they recognize some of these pictures and symbols appearing on Pokemon (e.g. ; and there are other ministers or pastors saying it’s relatively harmless but as all role-playing games go, we have to guard against addiction or losing touch with reality.  I’m not here to convince you Pokemon is evil but I do know I am deeply uncomfortable when Zach says, “I want to soot (shoot) the balls and catch the monsters and FIGHT!!!”  As such, he is already quite physically aggressive and he doesn’t need any more encouragement in this area.

1 Corinthians 6:12, “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but I will not be mastered by anything.

So in view of all these reasons plus other issues like privacy concerns, I have no good reason to continue playing it because it isn’t particularly beneficial or constructive.  Quoting the a post from Erika Dawson’s blog,

“the bottom line is that we each are responsible before God. If there is a book, movie, situation, place causing you to feel uncomfortable or “off,” don’t ignore it. Take it to God. Pray about it, spend time reading God’s Word, the Bible, and ask the Holy Spirit to direct your thoughts and steps.

We are the gatekeepers of our hearts and minds, and as parents, we are the gatekeepers of our homes and for our children.”

I hope this has prompted you to just pause and reconsider if this game is for you and your family.  And if you’ve decided to keep playing the game, sincerely, I wish you all the awesomest fun in the world, stay safe (keep off the roads) and hope you meet some really nice friends 🙂

A pretty objective article from a Methodist minister in Singapore


Kids are Shameless

 Has it ever struck you that kids are really shameless little people, full of self-entitlement, self-centred and totally buay paisay (don’t know how to feel shy) in demanding for things? 

Have you experienced a toddler waking you up in the middle of the night shouting at you, “MAMA I WANT MILK!!!” expecting you to just get up and make some milk for them, Totally disregarding the fact that you had just fallen asleep after a long hard day at work? Shameless 

Or one who demands that you carry him all the way home, blind to be fact that you are already carrying a mega heavy thermal pot, 2 jerry cans of water, their bags and they still expect you to carry them?  Shameless 

You expressly told the boy NOT to do painting on your bed. Then when you went to the bathroom for 2 minutes, he has done the exact thing you’ve just told him not to do!  With an unrepentant glint in his eyes!  Shameless

Or a child who wakes up in the middle of her sleep, angry with the world, not even knowing why or who she’s angry with.  Just.very.angry and expects you to understand the gibberish she is shouting at you.  So we end up playing Taboo with this very confused, angry person.  Do u want milk? NO.  Do you want to be carried?  NO.  Do you… Insert a million questions finally to hear her eke out between sobs “I sob sob sob wanr sob sob sob meeeulk sob sob sob sob.”  Er… Hello… That was my first question right?!  Shameless 

Babies are the worst!  Totally disrespecting normal working hours, demanding for milk and diaper change round the clock.  Shameless

But it is a tremendous privilege to be able to behave so shamelessly and still know that no matter how demanding, how unreasonable, how irrational, you are still loved. Simply because, you are.  You are children, my children, and that’s why I put up with, even look back at these exasperating moments with bemusement.  It’s a kind of love that you instinctively know will not change based on how well you behave or how much you achieve.  You are just loved because of your position as my children. 

Have you wondered why God gives us children?  Many good reasons, like learning to be self-sacrificial, to love, exercise self-control…  but one of the best reasons I’ve heard is so we can become more like God and experience this kind of overwhelming, undeserved love for someone that totally disregards behavior, achievement, background or personality.  

If you haven’t known such a love, I pray you will find it.  The ultimate love that God has for us is that while we were yet sinners (while we are still behaving shamelessly and doing nonsense), Christ died for us. 

Have a blessed Easter and may you experience the full love of God boldly and brazenly. 

zach with marker




Z’s First Week in School

Thought I should weigh in on the first weeks in school before I forget to capture this milestone!  So yes, Z has been going to school since the first week of January and I couldn’t be happier! After months of feeling this weird, contradictory I-want-him-to-grow-up-and-go-to-school-but-he’s-still-a-baby-and-I-will-miss-him tug of war in me, it has finally come that he’s packed and sent off to school.  He was reeeally excited about him being a big boy and following Jiejie to school for the first day.  After that, not so much.  I guess he figured out school is over-rated and he’d rather stay home with mummy and go to the playground everyday.  He’s really quite poor thing also cuz I just pushed him to go for the full-day programme from 9 am – 2 pm as I didn’t want to pick him up at 12 pm.  Cuz… I’m lazy to walk down twice and pick K up at 2 pm.  Heniways… so that’s the situation.  And the first day of school, he was so overly-stimulated that he slept… in Chinese class… Carrying on his father’s proud tradition of frustrating the Chinese teacher, I see… But he’s been good since then.  A bit of crying and clinging in the mornings when I drop him off, but with a bit of distraction by godsend Teacher C, his attention is soon drawn elsewhere to something more fun than crying.  And it’s awfully sweet when he exclaims “I love you Mama!” when I pick him up in the afternoons.


First days in school working with the Knobbed Cylinders


He’s pretty good at self-feeding!












I’m really proud of K as well… Apparently, Z just follows her around school like a little duck glued to his Mother Duck.  And K is taking on her role as Big Sis very seriously.  But just that day, she said, “I think I’ve had enough of Didi following me in school.  Can you let him stay at home please?”  Aww… honey… Nope.  He’s been following me around for 2 years.  It’s time to share the love.

Just like that… it’s a new season – the schooling season.  The physical clinging ons and childcaring season is sorta behind me.. It’s a little bitter that the baby years are so short, somewhat sweet that the baby years are so short, mixed with some regrets that I could have done it better with more cheer, laced with relieve and thankfulness that in my trial-and-error methods in feeding, bathing, sleeptraining, no small helpless baby was harmed in the process.  At the risk of being frustrating and irritating to newer mummies (or mummies caring for their more laterborns), I still have to say, “This too, shall pass… and you will look back on this period with rose-tinted glasses and say, those were good times…”


Aw man… think I just had a glimpse into how the empty nest season will look like.
*Just reading through some of my old posts and it’s amazing what a long way we’ve come. It’s a good reminder to live in the now instead of reminiscing about the past or  anticipate the future.  May you too, find fulfilment in whichever part of the journey you’re on!*

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is always a stressful time for me because I’m such a terrible gifter.  Always thinking and re-thinking if the kids will like them; if the parents will like them… if they already have them?!  I don’t know!  So many things that can go wrong!!  Plus, the rushing around, the queuing, the wrapping… argh… *pull my hair out!*  This year, I have asked some of my friends to help me out here as we put together a modest list of small business owners right here in Singapore, maybe in your neighbourhood!  Great thing about purchasing your stuff from small business owners?  We go OUT OF THE WAY to please you and make things convenient for you.  So go ahead, ask for gift-wrapping, door-to-door courier, gift cards (all for maybe a small fee :P).  Then sit back and wait for your parcels to come through the door.  Easy peasy.  Now breathe…

  1. KaynZac – Children’s Apparel, Toys and Personalized Blankets
    Christmas sale
    We stock really unique clothes and toys (great fun, jam-packed with educational value) for children, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better quality gifts at such competitive prices!  Or hurry and customize a blanket, snuggly or towel for a beloved child!  We are still taking orders but it’s gonna be a mad rush for Christmas now!

    Look out for their weekly December giveaways on Kaynzac Facebook page!

  2. Little Good Books – Quality learning resources that are always hits with parents!Little good books promo
    Looking for quality books and learning resources this Christmas? Pop by Little Good Books. Started by a mum of 3, their books are carefully handpicked for babies to preschoolers. With a wide selection for both English and Chinese readers, you can be assured of finding the perfect book gift!From now till 25 Dec 2015, you can take 10% off with every $60 spent. Key in coupon code: merry2015 at
    Excludes Wink to Learn products and Bundle Packs.


  3. Little DreamzStar – Swanky Cars that will make your child squeee!Little Dreamstar promoThey are having a Christmas Promotion now with every order of the Porsche Children Electric Car!  The car is a roomy 109*53*45cm with the latest 2.4G Bluetooth Remote control for parents.  Assembly of car is complimentary only for this Christmas period!

    Receive a free christmas gift pack worth $50 (consisting of Disney Mickey Mouse Cross Country Toy Car Rabbit Educational & Musical toy with Story-telling and Leather seat add-on for Porsche).

    Whatsapp them at 8616 0235 or PM them on their Facebook page for more inquiries.

  4. Lovelies & Cuties – Artisanal kids’ goods (hair accessories, handmade Christmas cards and gifts)lovelies and cuties
    Inspired by the motivation to doll up all her little cute angels, this mummy handcrafts each piece such that they are all uniquely designed and handmade. Definitely one of its kind!

    Special promo for Xmas! Quote #LoveliesXmas to enjoy 15% off for purchases above $10 and enjoy free normal postage for purchases above $8.

    “Like” her page – Lovelies & Cuties, to follow her for new products and special promo launched from time to time!

Take the stress out of shopping and get everything sent to your doorstep.  Now who’s ready to start enjoying Christmas?  😀


Animals Theme (mostly for 18 mths) Free Math Flashcard Printable

It’s been a rather fun month of doing all things animal-related with the kids!  It’s a relatively easy theme to do and there are plenty of resources in the library and on the Internet so it’s no rocket science.

1. Vocabulary input
I just flashed (sounds wrong.  But it’s not.) Animal Flashcards to the little one.  Z really likes flashcards and I could do this round after round and he’ll not get bored.  These cards cover both English and Mandarin.  I bought these flashcards from Popular at about $7.90/set.

blog flashcards

Animal Flashcards from Popular Bookstore



Books on animals

Books on Animals






2. Reading (non fiction)
Managed to scrounge up this Wildlife Factsheet, which I bought at a flea market for $3? Finally came into use!  Thought I’d read both fiction and non-fiction material to him. A bit dry but you get to learn some interesting facts.

3. Reading (fiction)
The library is a trove of animal-themed books.  I had a few suggested titles but I couldn’t find them in my library.  No matter!  Every 5 children’s books is one on animals anyway.  I particularly liked:

  • Little Bee by Edward Gibbs (English GIB -[BA])  because of it’s repetitive nature.  “Little bee, little bee, why do you flee?  Because there’s a hungry frog chasing me!”  And then the animals change, but those few action words do not.  After a few readings, K could read it on her own.  I love such books which set the kids up for success in reading.  🙂
  • Tell Time with the Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle (English CAR -[BA]) is a perennial favourite.  I don’t know why kids like Eric Carle’s books but I guess they do like the weird, blocky kind of illustration.  The movable hands on the clock helps the preschooler tell time too.
  • Another Night at the Museum by Milan Trenc (English TRE) is the second book after the familiar Night at the Museum. This one focuses more on ocean animals.  And I learnt what a coelacanth is!
  • Princess Poppy: Puppy Love by Janey Louise Jones (English JON).  Anything with Princess in the title appeals to K at this stage.  So we’ll be checking more Princess Poppy books out.  The story is set in a quaint farm town, which I thought is interesting for K.

4. Phonics
I’m starting Z with the letter ‘A’ –> the “ahh” or “air” sound.  I just go “air” “air” “alligator”and sometimes he will imitate me.  In fact, he might actually think that when I emphasize the beginning sound, it’s part of the word!  Now he says, “mm” “mm” “bike”  because I used to say “mm” “mm” “motorbike”.  I guess he found it convenient to drop the middle syllables. A fun art activity to reinforce the ‘a’ sound was making an alligator with the letter A.  You can print out a template here.  Added some googly eyes from Daiso.  The kids love them!

Cuz the mother's art and craft is so meh... but idea is there.

Cuz the mother’s art and craft is so meh… but idea is there.


5. Neobear
Coincidentally, I got my hands on this new toy in time for the Animal theme – the Neobear Animal game.  I’m not too big on ipad games and would prefer giving my kids physical toys to play with (even McD’s rubbish toys are preferable to shoving them with an ipad / iphone!) BUT I’m not extreme enough to deny my children ALL ipad games and I have stumbled across some gems which I have bought!  Neobear Animal Game is one of my better finds, I think.  The Neobear Animal Set comes with 96 animal cards (covering mammals, reptiles, insects, amphibians, molluscs, fish and birds).  They have printed the English and Mandarin names of these animals behind each card for parents’ easy reference.  The magic happens when you download their app from the AppStore / Play. When you place the card in front your device’s camera, the animal pops up in 3D and can make noises and move!  The realism is quite uncanny and the kids are definitely enthralled with seeing the animals in 3D form.

Neobear Animal Set

Neobear Animal Set

Of course, as with most materials, if the parent or adult can give additional input, the child will benefit much much more than from merely seeing and playing with the cards. The knowledge input can be very simple to the kids but I think talking to them about the animals – what they observe about the animals, how many legs do they have, what does the monkey’s tail help them do… etc.. the child can learn so so so much more.  And if I don’t know about the animal?  I guess reading up beforehand helps me broaden my knowledge as well.  LimpehZ says I cannot teach science cuz I’m terribad at it but WHO else will undertake such a self-sacrifical endeavour… ???  *flick my hair*

For a demo of how this works, 

You can get your set here!

6. Alphabet Matching Set (click on the link for a separate post on how to use this material)
I just remembered I had this set this morning and pulled it out for the kids to play.  After doing A-C, doing the “air” “air” “alligator”, “buh” “buh” “butterfly”, Z got distracted and started swiping the cards and wooden letters.  Of course K did most of the matching, which is good revision for her.  Plus, she gets to play crazy, pull-her-hair-out teacher to her inattentive, disruptive brother.  Now she knows what my job was – still is.

On theme!  Animal Alphabet Matching

On theme! Animal Alphabet Matching

7. Excursion
And of course, on a theme like animals, what better way to bring the learning to life than a trip to our very own local zoo!  We visited the River Safari for the first time and was pleasantly surprised at the many exhibits there – though most were swampy, ugly and terrifying fish (if I were to meet them while swimming).  I did play a trick on K though. Knowing her favourite Disney princess is Ariel, I told her I was going to show her a mermaid.  Her eyes lit up, like, for reals?!!  Ariel the Mermaid?!?! Then I brought her to see the manatees and she was like.. oh….. that’s a mermaid??  So mean right??  Haha.. but I think she forgave me because she did say the manatee was her favourite animal she saw that day (not the cuddly wuddly pandas, surprisingly!) Maybe next time, we’ll go back to the main zoo to see the polar bear and koalas!

Huge Scary Fish!

Huge Scary Fish!

blog river safari 2

I’m too cool.. No photos please.

blog river safari 3

Why is the panda baby soooooo smalll??

8. Math 
I made some number flashcards with alligators.  11-20 alligators in a set.  You can download them for FREE!

Follow us on our A-Z journey by subscribing via email at the top right of the page or like us on our Facebook page (I HOPE we can get there before Z goes to school next year… but I think… we’ll be fortunately if we can cover half :P)  we’ll see how it goes anyway!

P.S.  I have VERY limited sets of Neobear on the shop now.  Get yours here if you want it delivered in the next 2 days!
And get your Alphabet Matching Set here.

Personalized Blankets – a Great Keepsake Gift

I honestly didn’t think my blankets would get so many positive responses.  But thank you all for your kind words and encouragement!  The story behind these blankets started off with us wanting to find a blanket for K and we realized it was actually pretty difficult to find a nice one for kids!  We didn’t think we were looking out for so many criteria all at once until we set out on our quest.  It had to be:

– pretty and pink.  Because K will not use anything that is not pretty in pink.
– In some characters that she liked – i.e Ariel the Little Mermaid, sometimes Sophia, it used to be Dora a lot more last time but she’s changed her mind, no longer Elsa.  Elsa was so last year.  So it was always changing and I couldn’t get one in the character du jour.  In pink and pretty.
– It mustn’t be too warm because her metabolism is so high, she actually perspires when she sleeps.
– Not a quilt bed set because she doesn’t actually have a bed and I don’t want to get an entire set that we weren’t going to use.  The quilts are usually quite thick and warm too.
– Not those flannel kinds you see they sell at pushcarts.  Since it’s for kids and they use it for more 1/3 of the day, I’d like to use some good and safe materials that I know are good and safe.

So yup.  A.Lot.of.Criteria and I’ve been putting it off.  Then LimpehZ casually said one day, “YOU really need to make her one.”  Oh really?  I REALLY need to make her one?  Yeah.. okay, that seemed like fun so we went to Chinatown (my all time favourite hangout now – Oh No… a sure sign of Auntiedom) to get the materials.  After paying the bill, I realized it amounted to far more than just buying that cheap flannel downstairs.  Plus, I haven’t even put in the time and effort yet!  Heniways… armed with a lot of cloth and a lot of excitement, I got working on it – Z’s first then later on, K’s.  Finally after many hours of work, I got a finished product that I was mighty pleased with!  And of course, I just had to personalize their blankets with their names and wow… they were so so happy with them!  It’s really nice to see the kids wrapping their blankets around themselves at various times of the day, like a cape.  I figure it must be really comfortable.  There was even 1 night when Z was fussing, refusing to sleep.  Only upon making him cry (yes.  I’m a terrible person who makes my son cry, almost everyday because only after closing his eyes and crying, then he realizes he’s tired and will guai guai settle in and sleep), he wrapped himself in his blanket and promptly fell asleep.  Wow!  I’m impressed with my own blanket, if I may say so myself.  It must be magic, I’d say!!  😛

Really soft cotton knit with car motifs with organic cotton backing

Really soft cotton knit with car motifs with organic cotton backing

My Little Pony cotton with pink minky backing

My Little Pony cotton with pink minky backing

These are the magic materials I use:
– 100% cotton top layer (choose the print that you know your child will love to hold and be held in)
– 100% natural cotton batting
– Organic cotton or Minky (my personal preference is the former because it’s safer, softer and cool to the touch, which is great for Singapore’s weather.  Minky is still nice and gives a plush, luxurious, velvety feel, generally recommended for older kids.)

I would love to construct a personalized blanket for your child in the fabric that he/she will adore.  It will be a great gift for a newborn all the way to toddlerhood and beyond as he/she will grow up having a cherished, snuggly comfort item for security.

Baby Blankie (0-3 years) – 35″ x 30” (77.2 cm x 88.9 cm) –> $64.90
Preschooler’s Coverlet (3-6 years) – 45” x 36” (114.3 cm x 91.4 cm) –> S$89.90

How to customize your order:

  1. Choose fabric at  –> Photos –> Personalized Blankets
  2. Choose your font.
  3. Send me a private message and let me know:
    – Fabric
    – Font (Curly / Block) 
    – Size
    – Name to be sewn on the blanket

What’s Happening Lately?

I’ve lost the momentum for writing, hence the period of silence.  But I think the past 3 months has also been a time of reflection, recalibration… and mostly giving up and restarting.


As Z is getting older and naughtier, I realized I have been having too low expectations of him and his behaviour.  As usual, the sad fate of the firstborn child is to have to live up to unrealistically high expectations.  At 10 months – How come haven’t walk??  At 1 year –  Why can’t she talk clearly?  At 3 – Why is she not reading yet??  (I’m kidding.  In case you really think i’m psycho).  Then second one comes along and you’re like: Goo goo ga ga… he’s just a baby…  And you just spend all day kissing his fat cheeks.  He doesn’t know how to pack his toys yet.  Oh!  He said Papa & Mama at 18 months!  Wow!!  So amazing!  Of course at 18 months, they can get away with ANYTHING just by giving that cheeky face or they just look at you with big googly eyes.

Bite those cheeks!

Bite those cheeks!

At the back of my mind, I know I’m treating them differently, but I didn’t think my differential behaviour would be perceived as favouritism.  I was shocked one day when K (my older one) said, “Why are you always happy with Didi and always so unhappy with me?”  I think I must have blustered for 5 seconds before muttering some excuse about you being older so I have higher expectations of you – which is true, but it must have sounded like bull**** to her.  Kids have this innate sense of justice and fairness and I’m reminded of that keenly.  That even if I say I don’t practise favouritism, my actions may still reek of that.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what I say; but what she perceives.

So yes, I am making a conscious effort to be nicer to her, more patient, more understanding.  Being more mindful of that, I also know when I’m most likely to get ticked off – in the mornings when I don’t wake up early enough and I’m rushing her to off to school.  Yet she loves to dawdle and take her own sweet time.  So yep, wake up earlier (grr…), have more time to get ready, less “defiance”, less flaring of tempers, better starts to our days.

Giving Up

For 10 weeks already, I’ve given up on homeschooling.  Hah.. It really wasn’t easy planning and executing a curriculum made up on the go so what wasn’t planned, wasn’t done.  And what was planned, also wasn’t properly carried out.  Plus, Z wasn’t sleeping in the morning anymore and that interrupted our morning learning sessions, which to be honest, wasn’t very much anyway.  She ended up doing stuff around the house as I did my chores.  Limpehz was quite cool with it.  I was the antsy one about her not getting enough academic learning.  But he felt it was a good time for her to pick up good habits and independent skills, like packing her bed, learning to wash dishes, wipe tables, clean around the house, so he didn’t feel it was a waste of time.  I guess I was willing to go with it, until K’s Principal called me up one day (dun dun dun dun….).  I mean having homeschooled her 2 daughters years ago, she was really really supportive of my decision to take her out of school 2 days a week to try that out with her.  But she and I noticed that this new schedule wasn’t working out for K too well.  K thrives on schedules and predictability. She always liked to know what we were doing next and what the plan was.  So Monday she went to school, Tuesday she stayed home, Wed, Thurs to school, Friday home… At her age, having an incomplete grasp of time and days of the week, it must have seemed a senseless blur to her.  Plus, because the Principal had to push her even more when she was in school to catch up on her Chinese (diao diao…) and accelerate her in other areas, K ended up missing a lot of the free-play time with her friends, which is one of main draws of school anyway.

So in Term 2, she started going back full-time to school and I would say, she’s a lot happier.  She’s at an age where she’s making lots of friends – previously, they were just playing alongside each other – but now, she actually has some friends, and of course, a lot of quarrelling everyday.  But I guess that’s part and parcel of learning negotiation and turn-taking.  She’s a lot more settled in the new schedule and has learnt to eat in school. Previously, she hated going to school as she didn’t like having lunch in school, because she actually had to eat.  Duh…  Now, she’s found she can get away with eating some and sharing with another boy who also doesn’t like to eat.  They got married in school by the way.. A few times.  So they are the save-money-by-not-eating couple.  She’s consolidated her learning quite a bit.  Last 6 months we had been working on phonics and finally she’s learning to put the sounds together and doing little bits of reading!  Yay to that!!  Looking forward where we have our family reading time (i.e. peace and quiet.  No talking, no noise, just silent reading.. Shhh)

Reading and matching picture cards in Pink Scheme

Reading and matching picture cards in Pink Scheme

K with her good friends!


So does this mean I’ve given up teaching?  NO!!!  You can take me out of teaching, but you can’t take the teacher out of me!!!  Chey…  I’ve gotten a lot more humble in my expectations, so I’m just shooting for 10 minutes a day in the evening with K, mainly just reading, a bit of counting, maybe some Chinese.  I can do 10 minutes….

So with Z, I’m restarting the alphabet, the numbers, the flashcards, the crafts (which obviously, it’s my work, and therefore ugly).  He likes it and I’m enjoying the more focused time with him.  And he remembers what I teach him!!  Amazing!!! Oh wait… it’s the low second child expectations again.  Haha…  But yes..  it’s all good for a few more days… Until JUNE HOLIDAYS!!!  Arrghh… major disruptions to our schedules again.  *Cries*  –> I’ll try to update a bit more bout this in future for anyone’s reference, if you have nothing to do with your 1 – 2 plus year olds.

To end, Mother’s Day has been good this year.  See my Meh Mother’s Day last year.  To avoid the sad repetition of a meh mother’s day, I explicitly told LimpehZ I was expecting something for Mother’s Day.  He didn’t deliver.  But I do appreciate the quiet acts of service – letting me sleep in by bringing the 2 kids out to buy breakfast, helping out around the house… etc.  Thank you.  I did feel appreciated and loved.  🙂  K was especially sweet too!  She hugged and kissed me quite a lot (I think she fulfilled the quota for the year cuz she hasn’t been huggy or kissy ever since) and sang me some I Love You Mummy song.  That was really sweet.  🙂  Yep, it’s been good and I do (try to) count my blessings everyday.