Book Reviews – on Love

Last year, I borrowed a whole bunch of books from the library and have been meaning to do some kind of book review.  I thought it would be useful if you want to read these books with your children too!

End of last year, I went through a phase of K saying, “I don’t want Mummy to love me.”  See the full, sad story here.  So I sought to correct her erroneous thinking by purchasing many books which basically say that it’s perfectly normal and nice to love mummy and have her love you.  Hah… So self-serving right? These books made for some quite nice and cuddly mother-daughter moments.


  1.    [EnglishRYD -[BA]
    Won’t You Be My Hugaroo and Won’t You Be My Kissaroo by Joanne Ryder
    I really liked this one. “Won’t you be my Hugaroo? I’ve got so much to share with you.” I love rhymes in books cuz they make for such easy reading with the regular rhythms and rhymes. K could also recite some parts after reading umpteen times to her, so that was a nice bonding activity. Plus you get to squeeze her and hug her without her pushing you away. There’s also another one called “Won’t You Be My Kissaroo.”  So much feels…. okay, moving on.
  2.  EnglishRYD -[BA]
    Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney
    This seems to be everybody’s favourite book so I just had to get this one.  But honestly, I didn’t like this too much, maybe because it was too long, and not snappy enough.  Its a running conversation between 2 rabbits as to who loves the other more, e.g. I love you as high as my arms can stretch.  Obviously the Papa Rabbit will win in this I-love-you game.  I guess through the book, you get to learn and teach some body parts so it’s still useful.  K seems to like this tho!  So I do end up reading and re-reading this to her.
  4.   EnglishRIC -[BA]
    Daddy Loves Me by Marianne Richmond
    K’s absolute fav, as expected!  Very easy to read, just 3-4 words per page!
  5.  EnglishRIC -[BA]
    Grandma Loves Me by Marianne Richmond
    Quite a sweet book!  Another rhyming book which talks about how Grandma brings the kiddies on adventures just by reading with her in her favourite chair.

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