A Meh Mother’s Day

This must have been my grumpiest Mother’s Day ever!  Not that I’ve had many, but this is the first that I’ve had a sentient child who can think and express herself.  Maybe expectations were running a little high that she can at least be coached to say “Happy Mother’s Day, I love you…”  Blah blah blah…  But the weekend came and went and it was just normal and ordinary – just full of chores and more chores!  I even had to pry my Mother’s Day craft the school made them do out of K’s hands.  So different from what I read on mummy blogs which detail all the gifts, sweet words and fuzzy wuzzies.  Sigh.. Ok I admit I am envious.

I really think Mother’s Day is some nonsense that the world creates just to “show appreciation” to mothers just to keep them happy enough to do the same old nonsense for another year – until the next Mother’s Day. Similar to Teacher’s Day.  The naughtiest kids will do something crazy sweet (usually a flower, or red pen) and you’ll melt into a gooey puddle and all will be forgiven.  On that day, I bet all teachers secretly resolve to be


GTO!!  The strength of that resolve will slowly deplete until the next Teacher’s Day when a crummy red pen recharges it again.  Yes, we are suckers that way.

Anyhow, I decided to stop sulking and declare my own Mother’s Day.  I told my lovely hubs, “It is Mother’s Day.  I’m not going to do anything.  I’m not bathing the kids, not feeding them, not cleaning.  Kthxbye.”  And I immediately felt happier!  I did my stuff and left him to the crying kids.  I didn’t even feel bad to see him struggle with K climbing on his back and while he rocked Z to sleep AND valiantly read his newspapers.  [Seriously, what’s with the Multitasking Martyr??]

Then, as I was sitting there doing important things, i.e., twiddling my thumbs and watching my toenails grow, I realized… This isn’t how I’d like to spend Mother’s Day…  So I got up and relieved Hubs of K and read to her instead.  Sigh.  I realized that even without all the gifts and sweet words, I would still do these things cuz’… I wanted to.  And I do because I love the Hubs and the Kids.

Anyway, the day did get better.  In church, they got the kids to give out presents to the mums and everytime K was handed a gift to give to a mum, she would run to me and hand me her gift.  I secretly smile because in her mind, she can’t fathom that other people’s mummies are also mummies.  To her, I’m the only one!  And during the times when I seethe that there’s this sassy, sarcastic kid talking back to me, complete with the eye-rolling and exasperated sighs, I realize that she got that from me!  What to do?  She only learns from the best.  She doesn’t know it yet but she idolizes me.  Because imitation is the best form of flattery!  *Smirk*   Yes, Z is still looking at me with adoring eyes everyday and giving me his goofy silly grin.

Yep.  I celebrate Mother’s Day because I love.  Also, thanks to my own mother who is ever so loving. Naggy but still loving. 🙂  I love you Mummy!  Picture shows the mummies in my family!


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