Pureeing Baby Food

Baby Z is growing up so fast and he gets cuter each day.  Finally, he can smile consistently, laugh and play and I’m so thankful the maternal love is starting to kick in.  Oops… It’s a bit late but you know the saying, Better late than never!  Think I spent his first few months just trying to cope with 2 kids so I’m perpetually cross that he has to feed every 3 hours!  I couldn’t wait till his next nap so I can have my hands free to do other stuff. Terrible… I know!

But now that Z is getting bigger, this means feeding just got more complicated! More stuff to bring out, more things to prepare.  I absolutely salute my friend who lovingly prepares every meal with fresh-from-market ingredients!  I’m sorry, I just can’t.  I’m a big fan of batch-freezing all my purée food. This means I buy a big bag of fruit (e.g. a whole rockmelon or a big bag of apples), spend 20 minutes peeling, gutting, coring, slicing, blending and freezing them in ice cubes!  So whenever I need to prepare a meal, I’ll pop out whatever I need in nice, ready proportions and have them ready to mix into his cereal twice a day.  Yippee!!  So convenient.

Put fruit in blender to blend

Put fruit in blender to blend

Pureeing baby food

Let it do its magic…

Freeze puree in cubes

Freeze puree in cubes

Just be careful about getting BPA-free if you’re concerned about those things.

How do you prepare your baby food?  Please share with me your more efficient/nutritious/convenient way!


5 thoughts on “Pureeing Baby Food

    • Yes!! Love my cheapo $69 Supor rice cooker which has so many functions. Hmm.. but wanted to ask, can your rice cooker do rice gruel fine enough for babies without teeth (about 8 months – 1 year). I used to use a crockpot for K but didn’t quite want to cook separate portions for both K & Z this time around…
      Thanks for sharing!


      • I run the “Congee” setting twice and it ends up pretty mushed up (even the carrots if you cut them into finer pieces). My Little One ate this when he only had his front teeth.


  1. We ground whole grains for homemade cereal too, much healthier than the boxed stuff. We never had a problem with low iron too, which some people caution about if you don’t buy the fortified boxed stuff. My guide was ‘Super Baby Food’ by Ruth Yaron.


    • Definitely healthier but I’ve not gotten around to doing that… and now he’s graduating to porridge! We are big on porridge around here for babies. So it’s out with the crockpot and stock and pureed vegetables and fish!


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