Chalking up Fun!

Scribbling with chalk

Scribbling with chalk

Not sure if I’m doing this homeschooling thing right, but I realized that the great thing about it is that I can take things slow at K’s pace.  Just relax and not have to hurry her through the tasks at every moment.  To be honest, today wasn’t really planned because… well, I kinda failed to so I just tried to make up something in the 5 minutes eating breakfast.

I brought her out to the corridor to just doodle with chalk, since I had to buy a whole big box when I only needed 1.  Anyway, I drew her a hopscotch and made her jump to the square that bore the number I shouted.  She was quite thrilled!  She was even more excited when she shouted a number and I had to jump.  With Z in my arms, I hopscotched and he was quite amused at being jiggled.

During clean-up time, I got a pail of water and a brush and showed her how to scrub the corridor and the chalk off.  She was super happy running barefoot in the corridor, playing with the brush and water.  I was pretty surprised she really scrubbed seriously and thoroughly!  This was something I wanted to do more with her – giving her more practical life activities so that she’s busy with her hands and body.  She took her own sweet time to scrub and scrub and I was happy to let her.  It was nice to just be in that moment with her, observing her and encouraging her, instead of whipping out my phone and “do other stuff”.



Think I should give the little Cinderkyra more chores to do!

Do you believe in giving children age-appropriate chores around the house?  How bout rewarding them with money for chores they do?  Interesting to hear your responses!


5 thoughts on “Chalking up Fun!

  1. What a great photograph, I can tell she’s really into her work. 🙂

    We have chores, both chores that are an un-paid expected part of daily life, as well as chores my kids get paid for.
    (sweeping, helping with dishes, picking up, wiping down the table, taking out the trash, feeding animals, helping with laundry, and more I’m sure that just isn’t coming to mind – is unpaid.

    Mowing the lawn, other yard maintenance, taking care of litter (litter is terrible in our city), those jobs earn money.

    It’s good because it takes some of the burden of housekeeping off of me (I am mom, not a personal maid) its life skills learning, and being a part of a family team. The special paid jobs allow for money to spend which is also experience in wise spending, etc.


    • Awesome!! Thanks for replying! Just wondering how do you differentiate between paid and unpaid chores? Like those to do with communal areas get paid but tidying one’s room doesn’t (cuz it’s your responsibility?)

      Some arguments against paying kids for chores is that it takes the intrinsic motivation out of doing chores (e.g. love of tidiness, helping others) and kids will just do them for the sake of an external motivation – money. Curious what are your thoughts? (or anybody else who’d like to chip into this discussion!)


      • I pick one or two things that are pay. It’s rather random.
        My children have generally lost the intrinsic motivation (being a helper) for chores by around age eight.

        I have to ask them, I have to make it part of the schedule, remind and remind and if i forget, it doesn’t get done. Yet, they never complain about it either.

        I only started paying for certain chores about two years ago, so I don’t think thats the reason the motivation isnt there (their ages 5,7,10,12,14 and another is grown and moved out)
        Interestingly they also often forget about the paid chores (but i dont bother reminding them, i do it myself and they miss out on cash)

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      • LOL! 8 years of helping around the house is still pretty impressive! Will continue to nag! My littlest just reached 8 months. He is now crawling around and upsetting every bucket of lego, basket of rubbish and generally making a mess!! Time to do some damage control!

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