My First Hand-Made Romper!

owl print boy's romper

Z’s romper! Owly fun

Out of curiosity, I just wanted to see what were the limits of my sewing ability.  Through this process, I’ve learnt that… one can really learn anything on google (and from kind people posting online tutorials) and your limits are defined by what you’ve decided beforehand.  That, and the fact that i’ve mangled my sewing machine in a previous project (see How a Beginner Sewed a Tutu Skirt) and can only sew straight stitches now.  😛 

Too kiasu though!  I only had the pattern for 0-3 mths from Melly Sews and over-compensated for size, possible mistakes and erroneous calculation of seam allowances… and ended up with a romper too big for 9-month old Z!  Nevertheless, still quite satisfied with it and can safely say, it should survive rough-wear by a boy toddler and the washing machine, unlike my last Tutu Skirt project.  Can’t wait for Baby Z to grow into it… maybe in another 6 months’ time! 


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