How to Wear Tulle Skirts

I’ve always had problems with tulle skirts.  We love how romantic and girly and sweet it makes our girls look, but how do you wear them so that they can sport the outfit without looking like going to a “getai”  in the day??  A quick trawl through google gave us plenty of good ideas and we hope they give you some inspiration too! 

1. Pair it with Denim

denim and tulle

play down the over-the-top girly elements of a tulle skirt with a rugged and casual denim top or jacket Image from

Who knew opposites can go so well together?  The structured denim material is contrasted with the soft flowing tulle and the girliness of the tulle skirt is balanced out by the more laid-back casual denim.  Rock the look with ease!  

2.  Tees and Tulles (don’t forget the sweater)

tee and tulle collage

Pair a tulle skirt with a cotton sweater for that sweet preppy look! Image from

We’ve always liked this outfit from Bonpoint 2013 Winter collection and have been wanting to see how to imitate this look.  Now you can!  Grab a cotton T-shirt and layer a sweater over. Button up the sweater and you get this neat, chic, preppy look that goes so well with the soft tulle skirt.  Perfect for any trip to a shopping mall.  You don’t even need to wait till winter to sport this wearable look in humid-but-has-a-lot-of-crazy-cold-shopping-centres Singapore! 

Get these inspired looks here at!!  These outfits are of limited stock and now going for a featured price!  

It’s been fun doing this kids’ style inspirational posts!  Let us know what kind of looks you like your kids to wear! 


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