Homeschool: Family Theme – Adult and Young Free Printable

We sure took a long time to cover this theme but I guess that’s alright because its about the journey and not the end destination.  It is NOT about covering syllabus… Eeks… teacher-speak!

I went on this Family theme because for quite a long time now, K has been obsessed with ‘Mei(4) Mei(4)’.  Like a younger sister.  Which she does not have and will not have… at least for quite a long time.  It’s quite funny how she pretends play with this MM – feeding her, bathing her and using her as an excuse, e.g. “MM wants to eat sweets.  Can I have 1 more?”  or “MM doesn’t want to sleep.  She still wants to play.”  She really scares my mum sometimes when she says, “MM is sitting there looking at us.” *points to the empty sofa*  Shudder.  Creepy much.  So sometimes, for the heck of it, I’ll scare her too… like when she sits down somewhere, I’ll say, “Hey!  You’re squishing MM!!”  Then she’ll hop up in horror.  Okok.. I’ve been told NOT to encourage her anymore.

So here goes for the theme of FAMILY!

1. Family Tree (Theme)
It’s not very nice but it serves the purpose!  Tried to teach her the family relationships.  She still gets confused – who’s papa’s papa, who’s mama’s papa etc but she’s getting it.  She likes pasting her name in thickets and gets some practice spelling and picking out the letters in her and her brother’s names.

Who's who in the family?

Who’s who in the family?

2. Word Building (Language)

K knows her letters and sounds pretty well now so I’m trying to move her to combine sounds together.  It’s still pretty hard for her because she can only identify the beginning sounds and tends to leave out the middle and end sounds.  They say if that’s the challenge, we need to give her more practice by playing games like “I spy with my little eye… something that ends with ‘p’ “.  Then she has to pick out an object that ends with the ‘p’ sound.  Practice, practice practice!  But I did try out an activity once or twice with the Large Movable Alphabet.  She got distracted real quick after the second attempt.  She’s probably not ready for this.

Word-building with Large Movable Alphabet

Word-building with Large Movable Alphabet.  All the words here are phonetic words (words which follow the letter sounds), save the names.

I also wrote out the Chinese words of the various family members on flashcards and just repeat.

3. Adult and Young Cards (Cultural)

These cards were printed and laminated with the intention to use over and over again.  I showed her the adult and told her the specific name of the young and got her to repeat.  Simple.  It was nice as she went around asking us, “What is the name of the mama cat?”  “What is the name of papa bird?”  “What is the name of mama dog?”  “Urm… let’s just call her dog for now.”  I didn’t want to teach her the word b**** in case she goes around misfiring on people.

4. Spooning Beans from Bowl to Bowl (Practical Life)

You love your family by being independent, i.e. feed yourself.  She can feed herself okay, but she tends to make a whole big mess.  I don’t think it’s a matter of control but she just loves the sensory feel of noodles, oil, rice all over her hands and mouth.  Gross.  Anyway, I hope this helps her be more mindful of spillage while scooping.

K's spooning up a storm!  But to her credit, she managed to pick up every single bean and put them back into the bowl at the end.

K’s spooning up a storm! But to her credit, she managed to pick up every single bean and put them back into the bowl at the end.

4. Household Chores (Practical Life with Math)

Of course, we love our family by helping each other out.  She loaded up the laundry, scooped the detergent (and spilled so got her to clean up) and pressed the buttons, which was her favourite part.  She pegged the clothes.  She scrubbed the corridors and baked (sort of.  I did most of it).

Washing clothes

Washing clothes

Pouring and mixing ingredients

Pouring and mixing ingredients

Cutting out Hello Kitties from cookie cutter

Cutting out Hello Kitties from cookie cutter


Cinderkyra scrubbing the corridors

Maths was kinda incorporated into these activities, e.g. measuring out the ingredients with a weighing scale, what the buttons on the washing machine meant etc.

5. Praying and Character-building

We spoke about why we pray to God – He is our family and He loves talking to us.  Just this week, the Hubs got really sick and usually, K would kick a fuss if Papa wasn’t the one to make her milk, bathe her and put her to bed.  So I told K, “Papa is not well.  We love him by letting him rest.  Let me make milk for you, ok?”  Those 2 nights, she was really compliant and sweet and let me do everything for her (like she’s doing me a favour right??)  But it showed that she understood and though I’m her second choice, she was willing to compromise to show love to her daddy.  Really proud of her.

Plus, having the chance to put her to bed these 2 nights was nice… It’s been a long time since I did it and it was nice not to be rejected for once.  And we played and we read the bible together and discussed stuff that happened in the day… real nice.. 🙂  It felt great to be commanded, “Mama, you are well.  So YOU come over and switch on the air-con.  YOU stay here and take care of me!”  Urm… alright….

So that’s it!  I am sharing the Adult and Young print-out cards if you are interested.  It’s great if you have a colour-printer and laminator cuz I’d hate for my teaching materials to be bent or destroyed in 2 uses.  Couple of ways to use these cards over and over again:
1. Show and teach vocabulary.  This is a cow.  The baby is called a calf…
2. Matching and pairing activity.  Pair the adult with the baby.
3. Memory game.  Flip those cards over and find the matching pairs.
4. Sorting activities.  Big and small, adult and young.
5. Match your 3D, plastic farm animals with the 2D picture cards.  Helps the child move from concrete to abstract representations.
6. Use the picture cards for word-building.  Choose the phonetic words first, e.g. hen, lamb, pup(puppy), dog, cat, duck, pig…  Ask the child, “What sounds can I hear from the word ‘pig’?”  Let the child pick out the letters and you can rearrange it in the right order, then read it out loud together.

If you want the printable, simply subscribe to the mailing list.  The download link will be in the confirmation email.   You can’t find a Adult and Young free printable anywhere else because there isn’t anymore now!  I’m the laziest person around.  If there were, I’d have printed it and not created one myself.  Appreciate if you avoid sharing it amongst your friends.  Please direct them back to my site!  More freebies coming up soon! (Pictures are from morguefile).

*This is the first time I’m sharing stuff over the blog.  Let me know if there’s a problem with the download link!*



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