Little Clothes for Little People: The V Back Skaterskirt Dress

Love when she moves and twirls with the skirt!

Love when she moves and twirls with the skirt!  Btw, it’s not my dress that’s making her grumpy.  She just woke up.  😐

V-back beige bodice with salmon pink skater skirt

Cute apple button at the V-back

Really proud of my first attempt at sewing Miss K a dress from scratch!  I wanted to do a simple circle skirt and ended up with something more challenging (unintentional) with the bodice, which I ripped and sewed 3 times to get it to look how I wanted it to.  I wanted to have something that K can twirl around in and the circle skirt had beautiful drapes!! 

There’s just something deeply satisfying about handcrafting something from nothing, though the economics really doesn’t add up – the costs, time and effort involved, instead of just going online and buying a ready-made dress.  I now have a lot more respect for the tireless seamstresses slaving away at the factories, perfecting that crease, that pleat, that fold because it really is hard!!  Thanks to encouraging comments from friends, especially a certain fashionista who said she loved the colour combi and wanted me to make her a skirt (I said sure!  Then I remembered her up and coming baby bump and hmm… that would indeed be challenging for me…), I’m even more motivated to practise more to perfect that stitch and add to my repertoire!  Little clothes for little people!! 

*You can get skaterskirt dresses with a lovely flare at our store too, if sewing’s not really your thing…

skaterskirt dresses in bright blue, navy blue, bright pink and mustard

Beautiful flared skirts


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