Review: Babiators Sunglasses for Children

Before going to Bali, I wanted to get a pair of sunglasses for the kids.  But of course, knowing my procrastinating nature, I just had to wait till the last 7 days before deciding to get my act together.  By then, all my Gmarket options are out as most of the sources are overseas (either China or Korea) and even if I wanted to pay for the hefty express shipping (which would amount to $30+), it still wouldn’t reach me in 5 working days.

So turning to local SG sources, I began my search online to see what were my options.  Most of them were about $30ish or more, by brands that were pretty unfamiliar to me.  Then, I saw Babiators carried by Pupsik Studio.  Previously, I had read about this brand from… somewhere…. maybe on Time Magazine (hmm… very intellectual, me!) or Huffington Post (not so much…), which featured this pair of military mums dreaming of creating stylish yet functional sunglasses for kids, offering them proper protection for their eyes.  So when I saw that they were available locally (yay to quick local shipping!), I was pretty excited.  After all, this is a cult brand that celebrity kids are wearing!  Curious about the price?  I thought it must cost an arm and a leg, but hey… they are retailing for $29.90.  Pretty reasonable, sometimes even cheaper than those on Gmarket, and definitely cheaper than my optician near my house.  I was sold!

I bought the Babiators Original in Popstar Pink, size 3-7 (2 sizes available: 0-3 and 3-7).  They purport to shield 100% of UVA and UVB rays, made of durable and flexible rubber frames and non-shatter lens.  K loved it the moment she received them and wore them everyday, in and out of the house.  [Incidentally, we’ve also been reading “Pete the Cat and His Blue Magic Sunglasses – love the whole Pete the Cat series!].  When she put them on, she said, “Wow!!  I love it it!!  Oh, so dark!  Let me switch on the lamp.”  ?!?

Babiators in popstar pink

Good for indoors and outdoors. K says, “Too dark. Let me switch on the lamp.”

She wore them in the airport and on the plane, and basically everywhere I would allow her in Bali.

Babiators in popstar pink on plane ride

Too glaring. Need my sunglasses.

And the clincher??  Babiators say they will replace any lost or damaged sunglasses, within the year of purchase.  What???  The Singaporean in me is like – 😀 😀 😀  That’s their guarantee.  They will send a FREE replacement for a lost or damaged Babiators and all we pay for is shipping.  We’ll see how that goes if and when something happens to the Babiators.  In the meantime, K’s loving it everywhere she goes!

Add on:  I wrote a draft of this soon after we came back from Bali, about a week ago.  Never did I realize I’d have to test them on their word SO SOON…. I thought they were in my case all this time, but yesterday we couldn’t find it and K casually mentioned, “Oh!  I put my sunglasses on the aeroplane seat.”  DUN DUN DUN DUN…… *cries* I cry.  She didn’t even bat an eyelid.  So I went to get a claim on a lost pair of sunglasses.  There was a pretty straightforward and standard form to fill in, no questions asked.  I was still doubtful cuz I’m thinking they will make me pay $40 for shipping from the US but all in all, it was USD$16, about S$20, which is still cheaper than buying a new pair.  It was a fantastic shopping experience!  Do remember to register your sunglasses once you get them!

Babiators guarantee a free replacement in the event of loss or damage.

Babiators guarantee a free replacement in the event of loss or damage.

*This is not a paid or sponsored post.  All opinions are mine.*


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