First week in Hong Kong – Hong Kong Science Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui

Hello from Hong Kong!!  Yes, I’m now in Hong Kong living the expatriate taitai life  (in my dreams), more like DA Maid…  I realized I’ve been quite spoilt by my parents and in-laws who help me out a lot (thanks you all!).  And we have nice piping hot dinners (either at home or out)…  But now, I have to do everything myself. *cries* 😦  But I’m getting used to it… Soon, soon.  Slowly…

It ain’t half bad once I get the routine sorted out.  And part of the routine MUST include some time getting out of the apartment.  I tried 1 day being cooped up all day with the kids and it so.isn’  At least 1 person will go mad and usually I’m the first.  The kiddos… well, they are quite the troopers and seem to adapt quite well.  They invent stuff for themselves to do, or K will just amuse herself at her brother’s expense.. i.e. disturb him endlessly, grabbing a fistful of his hair, pushing him down on the ground/bed… basically bully him.  Poor boy… Wait till he grows bigger.

This week, we went to the Hong Kong Science Museum at Tsim Sha Tsui.  Fantastic place!  Okay… I try to be enthusiastic about all the scienc-ey things like all the various physics exhibits – magnetism, light, electricity blah blah.. but sigh, I’m sorry but really, science still isn’t my best subject.  And K has an attention span typical of viewers of Korean MTVs – the 0.2 seconds change of scenes.  She presses a few buttons and before LimpehZ can explain the concept behind what’s going on, she’s run off to the next exhibit.  Urm… okay… moving along now…


Best thing about the humongous place is that it’s really kid-friendly.  Everything is touchable and they can go crazy.  There’s also this kid’s area on the 4th floor.  I think we should have just come up here right away.  There’s this soft mat area for kids below the height of 110 cm (they are quite strict).  The whole place is littered with soft blocks and structures that the kids can build their castles and moats.  Fantastic!  Hong Kongers are really scrupulous about sterilizing everything (I suppose from their previous SARS experience).  Even my lift buttons are proudly sterilized every 2 hours – or so the notice says.  The kids’ play area is really clean and well-maintained.  Just remember to bring your socks!  There’s also a funky bubble area where you can make those giant bubbles.


Oh!  There’s this really cool puzzle area with a lot of those brain-teaser things.  K really loved manipulating this puzzle – the Farmer needs to transport the grain, chicken and fox over the river but something will eat something else if left alone kind of puzzles.  She has quite a good sense of logic and with a few prompts, she kinda solved the puzzle.  I think I will come to these kinds of places when I’m old to stimulate my brain so I will delay dementia.  Or just play mahjong.


Best part??  Admission was free!!!  Cuz it was a Wednesday!  So awesome right??  Good lobangs must share.

Hong Kong Science Museum
2 Science Museum Rd, Hong Kong
Take MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit 2B.  Walk along Cameron Road, then turn left at Chatham Road S, then take the overhead bridge across to the Science Museum.  (I assume it was right at the exit and had to wander around and ask for directions before I found it.)
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10 am – 7 pm, Closed on Thursdays
Weekends 10 am – 9 pm
Ticket Price: $25 for adult, free admission for kids under 4.
Free entry on Wednesdays!


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