Review: Kornhill Service Apartment in Hong Kong Island, Taikoo

I am writing this post to highly recommend this under-the-radar service apartment that we chanced upon in our search for our 5 week Hong Kong stint.  It’s Kornhill Apartments at Taikoo City on Hong Kong Island.  I was looking for someplace which needed to have the best of all worlds – cheap, convenient, have amenities and be near parks and  playgrounds.  The situation was getting quite desperate as I realized that even with the generous budget LimpehZ gave me, I cannot find a suitable place!  It’s either too small, too expensive, too claustrophobic or unsuitable for young children.  Honestly, I’ve trawled through all the listings on service apartment sites and finally noticed this little, tiny, obscure banner which was Kornhill Apartment.  I knew this was it!

The poster so attractive right??  Even Caucasians like to live here.  Like if we stayed here, we'll be Caucasian like them.

The poster so attractive right?? Even Caucasians like to live here. Like if we stayed here, we’ll be Caucasian like them.

Best thing about Kornhill is its location and accessibility to all the essentials.  Situated on top of Aeon Supermarket / Shopping Centre, on top of Taikoo MTR, means I can make supermarket runs anytime I need and not have to plan too far ahead what to buy.  Supermarket runs ended up being THE main activity which broke up the monotony of the last few weeks (because we were all so tired out after Disneyland that even the kids didn’t want to travel too far out).  This shopping centre also has a mini arcade with kiddie rides and that has been a great carrot to dangle in front of K who will ask to sit the horsey ride everyday.  Zzz… That’s ok cuz it was HKD$100 for 110 tokens.  Cheap kiddy rides for the win!

Fun times at the arcade!

Fun times at the arcade!

Did I already mention that it sits on top of MTR?  Yup!  This makes travelling to anywhere else in HK a breeze!  Only 20 minutes MTR ride to Admiralty and Central, which important for LimpehZ.  Kornhill Apartments is connected to Kornhill Plaza which has many eateries like Genki Sushi and Watami, Yoshinoya and MOS Burger.  Nearby is Taikoo City Plaza which ain’t some dinghy mall, mind you.

My loot!! Okay.. and K managed to weasel some shoes of her own too.

My loot!! Okay.. and K managed to weasel some shoes of her own too.

It has the likes of Zara and H&M, Pandora and Swarovski plus other mid range brands like coach and Maud Frizon (highly raved-about shoe shop by my friends).

Past the ice skating rink (yes! Taikoo City Plaza is big and swanky enough to have an ice skating rink), we often walked across the bridge to for easy access to Quarry Bay Park. This playground was the main selling point for me because I knew I needed someplace superb enough for K to run wild.  Super massive by Hong Kong standards, it has served as a great place for K to expend her energy at being cooped up in the apartment. Really love it!  Plenty of parents and helpers just park their strollers at the side and follow their charges around.  It’s safe enough for that.

Huge and well-maintained Quarry Bay Park

Huge and well-maintained Quarry Bay Park

Back to the interior of the apartment – it isn’t luxurious, but the 1 bedroom suite is complete enough with its amenities.  There’s actually a view. So emo Z can stare out there thinking of his girlfriend.

I wonder when is my next meal coming...

I wonder when is my next meal coming…

He really likes that spot. I honestly don’t know what he’s thinking when he’s there – probably when’s his next meal coming.  All day children’s cartoons (albeit in Canto) on cable served to keep the kids pretty happy – they can sing the theme songs in Japanese now!  There’s a DVD player too which was handy as I brought some cartoons.  There’s always wifi (number 1 important NEED! Don’t worry, I’ve got my priorities right) so K can stream their Peppa Pig or Hi-5 episodes for her much-needed dose of English.  The bed!  It’s like super king size or something but I’m positive it’s bigger than my king bed at home!!  It fit the 3 of us comfortably while poor LimpehZ slept on a mattress on the floor.  The kitchenette is fairly well-equipped though I’ve had to learn to cook rice in a pot without a rice cooker.  In any case, there’s plenty of congee, Macdonalds, CoCo Curry house or MX (their chain Cha Chan Teng) within easy reach. Plus!  There’s Gongcha!!!  My ultimate comfort food!  Limpehz will sometimes call back n ask if that day was a bubble tea day.  If I mutter something that’s not cogent, he knows what to get me (#greenmilkteawithpearls.  If there are no pearls, #imgonnagetrealmad).

Z says, "I have arrived!"

Z says, “I have arrived!”

Apartment cleaning was twice a week.  There’s a laundry and dryer room so while LimpehZ went to the gym (complimentary gym membership!), he’d do a laundry run so we didn’t really need to bring so many clothes!  The staff were really helpful and professional. Anything that needed fixing was sorted out almost immediately. I was impressed because the stove didn’t seem to be working on a Sunday but they went a technician down immediately to rectify the problem.

So yeah! For a family living in Hong Kong for a short stint, I’d highly recommend Kornhill. Tho’ after 5 weeks, I felt so bored….  Mainly because I was living the life of a resident and I couldn’t explore the more exciting, grittier parts of Hong Kong alone with 2 kids.  I realized I really like being a tourist in the Kowloon side more – come on night markets and wholesale shops!!!  If you find yourself needing mid-term accommodation which is safe, clean and convenient, do consider Taikoo Kornhill Apartments!


4 thoughts on “Review: Kornhill Service Apartment in Hong Kong Island, Taikoo

  1. Carole Chan says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’m just about to book this place after your recommendation. I’d like to know if you have any pictures of the lobby? Which floor would you recommend?


    • Hi Carole! Glad you found it useful! You’re in safe hands!

      Sorry, I don’t recall having pictures of the lobby. But there are porters to help you load up from carpark to apartment and they will lend you a luggage trolley at least.

      The check in office is on the second floor. Well-lit, well-staffed round the clock should you need help.

      As all hk apartments, the higher the better! But I think it depends on the type of room u get but it’s a quiet-ish neighbourhood so noise isn’t a big problem. 🙂 it’s not Pacific Place luxurious, but comfortable enough! 😀

      Have a good trip!


      • Carole Chan says:

        Thanks again for your reply. One more quick question. They have a maximum occupancy of 3 people for the one bedroom apt but we will be 4 people, I believe like your family. Did they give you a hard time about the number of people checking in to the apt?


      • No not at all! I think it’s fine cuz it’s kids. 🙂 but no… They weren’t sticky about it. In fact, I didn’t even read about the 3 occupants thing. 😛


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