Z’s First Week in School

Thought I should weigh in on the first weeks in school before I forget to capture this milestone!  So yes, Z has been going to school since the first week of January and I couldn’t be happier! After months of feeling this weird, contradictory I-want-him-to-grow-up-and-go-to-school-but-he’s-still-a-baby-and-I-will-miss-him tug of war in me, it has finally come that he’s packed and sent off to school.  He was reeeally excited about him being a big boy and following Jiejie to school for the first day.  After that, not so much.  I guess he figured out school is over-rated and he’d rather stay home with mummy and go to the playground everyday.  He’s really quite poor thing also cuz I just pushed him to go for the full-day programme from 9 am – 2 pm as I didn’t want to pick him up at 12 pm.  Cuz… I’m lazy to walk down twice and pick K up at 2 pm.  Heniways… so that’s the situation.  And the first day of school, he was so overly-stimulated that he slept… in Chinese class… Carrying on his father’s proud tradition of frustrating the Chinese teacher, I see… But he’s been good since then.  A bit of crying and clinging in the mornings when I drop him off, but with a bit of distraction by godsend Teacher C, his attention is soon drawn elsewhere to something more fun than crying.  And it’s awfully sweet when he exclaims “I love you Mama!” when I pick him up in the afternoons.


First days in school working with the Knobbed Cylinders


He’s pretty good at self-feeding!












I’m really proud of K as well… Apparently, Z just follows her around school like a little duck glued to his Mother Duck.  And K is taking on her role as Big Sis very seriously.  But just that day, she said, “I think I’ve had enough of Didi following me in school.  Can you let him stay at home please?”  Aww… honey… Nope.  He’s been following me around for 2 years.  It’s time to share the love.

Just like that… it’s a new season – the schooling season.  The physical clinging ons and childcaring season is sorta behind me.. It’s a little bitter that the baby years are so short, somewhat sweet that the baby years are so short, mixed with some regrets that I could have done it better with more cheer, laced with relieve and thankfulness that in my trial-and-error methods in feeding, bathing, sleeptraining, no small helpless baby was harmed in the process.  At the risk of being frustrating and irritating to newer mummies (or mummies caring for their more laterborns), I still have to say, “This too, shall pass… and you will look back on this period with rose-tinted glasses and say, those were good times…”


Aw man… think I just had a glimpse into how the empty nest season will look like.
*Just reading through some of my old posts and it’s amazing what a long way we’ve come. It’s a good reminder to live in the now instead of reminiscing about the past or  anticipate the future.  May you too, find fulfilment in whichever part of the journey you’re on!*


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