Kids are Shameless

 Has it ever struck you that kids are really shameless little people, full of self-entitlement, self-centred and totally buay paisay (don’t know how to feel shy) in demanding for things? 

Have you experienced a toddler waking you up in the middle of the night shouting at you, “MAMA I WANT MILK!!!” expecting you to just get up and make some milk for them, Totally disregarding the fact that you had just fallen asleep after a long hard day at work? Shameless 

Or one who demands that you carry him all the way home, blind to be fact that you are already carrying a mega heavy thermal pot, 2 jerry cans of water, their bags and they still expect you to carry them?  Shameless 

You expressly told the boy NOT to do painting on your bed. Then when you went to the bathroom for 2 minutes, he has done the exact thing you’ve just told him not to do!  With an unrepentant glint in his eyes!  Shameless

Or a child who wakes up in the middle of her sleep, angry with the world, not even knowing why or who she’s angry with.  Just.very.angry and expects you to understand the gibberish she is shouting at you.  So we end up playing Taboo with this very confused, angry person.  Do u want milk? NO.  Do you want to be carried?  NO.  Do you… Insert a million questions finally to hear her eke out between sobs “I sob sob sob wanr sob sob sob meeeulk sob sob sob sob.”  Er… Hello… That was my first question right?!  Shameless 

Babies are the worst!  Totally disrespecting normal working hours, demanding for milk and diaper change round the clock.  Shameless

But it is a tremendous privilege to be able to behave so shamelessly and still know that no matter how demanding, how unreasonable, how irrational, you are still loved. Simply because, you are.  You are children, my children, and that’s why I put up with, even look back at these exasperating moments with bemusement.  It’s a kind of love that you instinctively know will not change based on how well you behave or how much you achieve.  You are just loved because of your position as my children. 

Have you wondered why God gives us children?  Many good reasons, like learning to be self-sacrificial, to love, exercise self-control…  but one of the best reasons I’ve heard is so we can become more like God and experience this kind of overwhelming, undeserved love for someone that totally disregards behavior, achievement, background or personality.  

If you haven’t known such a love, I pray you will find it.  The ultimate love that God has for us is that while we were yet sinners (while we are still behaving shamelessly and doing nonsense), Christ died for us. 

Have a blessed Easter and may you experience the full love of God boldly and brazenly. 

zach with marker




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