About Us

Welcome!  You made it here!  This is a blog that’s linked to our shop www.kaynzac.com.  We provide lovely quality premium clothes and educational materials for children.  This is also our space to document our hits and misses, daily life and find the little things to be thankful for.

The name KaynZac came about from the kids and we wanted to remind ourselves that these young ones are worthy of our time, effort and investment.  As a mother-daughter (or grandmother-mother) team, we seek to nurture and celebrate each child for who he/she is.  We want to show our children we are changemakers and we can make our world a more compassionate place one person at a time!  Thus, for every item sold, we are pledging $0.50 to a worthy cause.  This is one of the things we set out to do when we started KaynZac.

All of our items are specially chosen and carefully checked to ensure you get the best that we offer.  It is our assurance that we will not offer you anything that we will not let K and Z wear or use!  With this assurance, we hope you have a pleasant shopping experience with us!


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