Preschooler Makes: Strawberry Ice-cream Cake (No-bake)

My exams are finally over!!  It has been too long since I sat for 2 papers in a day and writing till I had blisters on my fingers!  After having been so high-strung after 2 weeks of intense studying, after it’s over, you know you just get that deflated feeling.  It wasn’t ecstasy or supreme joy; it was just… deflated.  Like it’s all over.  That’s nice.  It’s now time to get back to a ssslowwerrr pace of life.  That explains why I haven’t been posting much or writing anything!  But I was working on a new project which I will unveil real soon!

Anyway, wanted to share an activity I did with K and Z 2 weeks back in the June holidays.  It was part of our homeschool thing before the exams took over my life and I’m finally blogging about it.  K loves watching “I Can Cook” on CBeeBies and she watches the same episodes again and again (because I only recorded those few).  There’s a recipe she said she wanted to try – Strawberry Meringue Ice-Cream.  Looking it up, I figured it wasn’t too hard so we gave it a go!

I did some modification to the recipe because I balked after I researched how to do a Meringue nest.  WUT!?!?  No way was I going to go through so much effort.  Who cares about the meringue, just substitute with ice-cream!  Can’t go wrong there!  I wanted to do a cakey kind of base (inspired by google search results which yielded “Strawberry Meringue Ice Cream Cake).  But baking was too hard.. So my no-bake method was to just get a pound cake!!  Mwahahahah…. so clever… *smirk*  When you have butter pound cake, ice-cream and strawberry, it pretty much can’t go wrong.  In fact, it was scrummy yummy!  Tasted a bit like…. Swensen’s ice-cream cake.  Best thing?  Only 3 ingredients!!!  No cooking/baking involved!!!

6 large strawberries (or 10, or 12, or 42, depending on how much you like them)
Half a Pound Cake (I used the cheaper NTUC brand but Sara Lee is good too)
Ice Cream (just pour the whole pint in)

1. Clean the strawberries beforehand.  You can get your child involved.  Show her how to scrub the strawberries.

2. Using a fork, hold the stem with your non-dominant hand and press down and mash the strawberries with dominant hand.  This activity is good for strengthening little fingers.

Mashing strawberries with a fork.  Trains strength and dexterity in fingers.

Mashing strawberries with a fork. Trains strength and dexterity in fingers.

3. With clean hands, mash up half a pound cake.
4. Mix the pound cake and strawberry puree.  Lay them in a container.
5. Pour ice-cream on top.
6. Serve and enjoy!!  Or freeze and enjoy later!

strawberry ice cream cake

Almost finished! Just add ice-cream and serve!

And what was Z doing??  Was he screaming away?  Nope, he was quietly sucking on a strawberry!!  He was a happy boy… for 5 minutes.  I mashed up some strawberry so he could explore, taste and smell it too.

Z tasting, smelling, touching, squishing strawberries.

Z tasting, smelling, touching, squishing strawberries.

And he also got a taste of ice-cream!  That wasn’t part of his sensorial education but apparently, his sister thought it would be a crime if he didn’t know what ice-cream was.

K feeding Z ice cream

K feeding Z ice cream

There we go!  Will you try this out with your kiddies?  Let us know how it went! 🙂


Pureeing Baby Food

Baby Z is growing up so fast and he gets cuter each day.  Finally, he can smile consistently, laugh and play and I’m so thankful the maternal love is starting to kick in.  Oops… It’s a bit late but you know the saying, Better late than never!  Think I spent his first few months just trying to cope with 2 kids so I’m perpetually cross that he has to feed every 3 hours!  I couldn’t wait till his next nap so I can have my hands free to do other stuff. Terrible… I know!

But now that Z is getting bigger, this means feeding just got more complicated! More stuff to bring out, more things to prepare.  I absolutely salute my friend who lovingly prepares every meal with fresh-from-market ingredients!  I’m sorry, I just can’t.  I’m a big fan of batch-freezing all my purée food. This means I buy a big bag of fruit (e.g. a whole rockmelon or a big bag of apples), spend 20 minutes peeling, gutting, coring, slicing, blending and freezing them in ice cubes!  So whenever I need to prepare a meal, I’ll pop out whatever I need in nice, ready proportions and have them ready to mix into his cereal twice a day.  Yippee!!  So convenient.

Put fruit in blender to blend

Put fruit in blender to blend

Pureeing baby food

Let it do its magic…

Freeze puree in cubes

Freeze puree in cubes

Just be careful about getting BPA-free if you’re concerned about those things.

How do you prepare your baby food?  Please share with me your more efficient/nutritious/convenient way!