Flashcards on Flowers (Free printable)

A quick and short post since we are holidaying in Bali now!  Just wanted to share what I do with the second kiddo, Z, who is 10 months old.  I used to be pretty skeptical about flashcards and its effectiveness. But after trying them with K in her first 2 years, I think they are pretty good and it takes so little time (to flash, not to prepare, unfortunately). So since it doesn’t do any harm and might do some good, why not?  K is pretty happy when shown the flashcards and always begs for more.  When doing the transport series with K, she could tell me the difference between transport helicopter and assault helicopter.  Not bad… I was surprised.  Z shows quite a bit of interest too and is happy viewing them repeatedly… like 3 times over.

These are some flower cards I made. You can print them out on cardstock (I’ve tried with my HP laser colour printer but the ink didn’t adhere very well). I print them out on paper and then paste them on cardstock. More work, but at least the colours are vibrant and attractive.  You can also paste the words behind the flashcards so that it’s easy for you to read them out.  I’ve also put in the Chinese names and the Hanyu Pinyin for easier reading!

chinese flashcards with chinese and hanyu pinyin

I learnt how to type in hanyu pinyin!

The link is in the welcome email when you subscribe to the blog.  Thanks and hope it’s useful!  Help yourself to the other files I’ve uploaded there!