Review: Babiators Sunglasses for Children

Before going to Bali, I wanted to get a pair of sunglasses for the kids.  But of course, knowing my procrastinating nature, I just had to wait till the last 7 days before deciding to get my act together.  By then, all my Gmarket options are out as most of the sources are overseas (either China or Korea) and even if I wanted to pay for the hefty express shipping (which would amount to $30+), it still wouldn’t reach me in 5 working days.

So turning to local SG sources, I began my search online to see what were my options.  Most of them were about $30ish or more, by brands that were pretty unfamiliar to me.  Then, I saw Babiators carried by Pupsik Studio.  Previously, I had read about this brand from… somewhere…. maybe on Time Magazine (hmm… very intellectual, me!) or Huffington Post (not so much…), which featured this pair of military mums dreaming of creating stylish yet functional sunglasses for kids, offering them proper protection for their eyes.  So when I saw that they were available locally (yay to quick local shipping!), I was pretty excited.  After all, this is a cult brand that celebrity kids are wearing!  Curious about the price?  I thought it must cost an arm and a leg, but hey… they are retailing for $29.90.  Pretty reasonable, sometimes even cheaper than those on Gmarket, and definitely cheaper than my optician near my house.  I was sold!

I bought the Babiators Original in Popstar Pink, size 3-7 (2 sizes available: 0-3 and 3-7).  They purport to shield 100% of UVA and UVB rays, made of durable and flexible rubber frames and non-shatter lens.  K loved it the moment she received them and wore them everyday, in and out of the house.  [Incidentally, we’ve also been reading “Pete the Cat and His Blue Magic Sunglasses – love the whole Pete the Cat series!].  When she put them on, she said, “Wow!!  I love it it!!  Oh, so dark!  Let me switch on the lamp.”  ?!?

Babiators in popstar pink

Good for indoors and outdoors. K says, “Too dark. Let me switch on the lamp.”

She wore them in the airport and on the plane, and basically everywhere I would allow her in Bali.

Babiators in popstar pink on plane ride

Too glaring. Need my sunglasses.

And the clincher??  Babiators say they will replace any lost or damaged sunglasses, within the year of purchase.  What???  The Singaporean in me is like – 😀 😀 😀  That’s their guarantee.  They will send a FREE replacement for a lost or damaged Babiators and all we pay for is shipping.  We’ll see how that goes if and when something happens to the Babiators.  In the meantime, K’s loving it everywhere she goes!

Add on:  I wrote a draft of this soon after we came back from Bali, about a week ago.  Never did I realize I’d have to test them on their word SO SOON…. I thought they were in my case all this time, but yesterday we couldn’t find it and K casually mentioned, “Oh!  I put my sunglasses on the aeroplane seat.”  DUN DUN DUN DUN…… *cries* I cry.  She didn’t even bat an eyelid.  So I went to get a claim on a lost pair of sunglasses.  There was a pretty straightforward and standard form to fill in, no questions asked.  I was still doubtful cuz I’m thinking they will make me pay $40 for shipping from the US but all in all, it was USD$16, about S$20, which is still cheaper than buying a new pair.  It was a fantastic shopping experience!  Do remember to register your sunglasses once you get them!

Babiators guarantee a free replacement in the event of loss or damage.

Babiators guarantee a free replacement in the event of loss or damage.

*This is not a paid or sponsored post.  All opinions are mine.*


Little Clothes for Little People: The Breezy Bali Dress

Wanted to create something that was balloony, fun and roomy for the girl to enjoy herself in Bali.  Inspired by a design by How to Kiss a Frog, 

How to Kiss a Frog Dress

How to Kiss a Frog Dress

I ended up with this.  Love the halter and the broad ribbon tied on her left shoulder.  It’s not as balloony as I had hoped, but still good enough for me!  I loved this Japanese printed cotton design that I bought the yellow and blue version as well!  Looking at the Bali photos makes me long for my next holiday.  More beaches please??  

The Breezy Bali Dress

The Breezy Bali Dress

Why I Would Throw a (an elaborate) Birthday Party for a Kid

I used to think, why would kids need to celebrate their birthdays in school or throw an elaborate party complete with a bouncy castle, clown and fireworks?  After all, I didn’t have them as a child and I grew up fine.  I don’t think I was deprived and besides, my family made sure the day was remembered and celebrated.  But I did remember my 12th birthday when my youth group gave me a surprise party at my house on a weekday.  They (poor secondary school students and young working adults) even pooled money to get me rollerblades, which was like, way cool and awesome then okay…  I remember I felt really touched, not at the gift but at the effort and gesture of love.  Ahh…  So this is what it’s like to be surprised and celebrate birthdays with friends.

For K, I didn’t think I needed or wanted to throw an extravagant party for her.  In fact, I was a bit hesitant about throwing a party in her school, complete with cake and goodie bags for her friends.  Would it be spoiling her?  Am I doing this just because I cave in to peer pressure?  But since January, all her friends (Really.  ALL) will have some celebration.  They will walk around a “sun” x number of times depending on how old they are, representing x number of years has passed.  Then birthday girl/boy’s friends will gather round and and say “Happy Birthday” and he/she will sit on a chair and call out her friends’ names one by one to receive their goodie bags and they will hug him/her and wish him/her happy birthday.  It’s quite a well-rehearsed ritual, considering there are 30 students in her class, you’d think the kids will get bored of celebrating birthdays right?  But NO….  They are still crazy over it.  Crazy crazy.  Like stars-in-their-eyes-googly-crazy.  Especially K.  She was so excited at her birthday drawing nearer that everyday (for the past 8 months) she walked past the birthday calendar chart, she would point to her name and say, “My birthday is coming soon right?”  

So yes, she had her school birthday party, will be having a family birthday party, and another mini one at an indoor playground with her friends (ok, more like my friends with kids her age) during the September holidays and the idea was to keep letting her blow candles (her favorite part) and celebrate the momentous occasion.  I might have gotten carried away as well cuz’ since the idea is to GO BIG OR GO HOME right, I sewed her a birthday outfit – the Elsa dress (a poor imitation) to fit her Frozen theme.  Admittedly, it was because I procrastinated too much and cannot pre-order the dress in time. 

'THEE' Elsa Dress

‘THEE’ Elsa Dress.  Not quite the reaction I was hoping for, but she went wild and was super happy.  So I was pleased. 

 Her grandma spared no expense sourcing for gifts and packing the goodie bags.  (We did involve K in the work session of packing goodie bags and it was a good opportunity for her to practise counting and sorting.)  Is it extravagant?  Not in terms of money, but I think it exceeded my initial expectations in terms of effort.  But yes… It made her really really really happy so it’s all worth it.

Compilation of photos from K's birthday party in school

1. K’s Frozen birthday cake from Bengawan Solo.
2. Lots of kids crowding around the cake.
3. Walking around the sun very very very slowly, savouring her moment of glory.
4. K’s beloved teachers.
5. Z: Wait. What’s going on? It’s not my birthday? Then why did you drag me out from my nap?!
6. Grandma and K.                                                                                                                                                                                 I discover (belatedly) that I have all my pictures taken on my iphone are blurred, hence this puny, sorry picture collage.  Is this a ploy to get me to buy the iphone6 in Sept?!?

Of course, this is not considered crazy (but don’t forget, this is only Part I.  There is still Part 2 and 3).  So why do we do crazy, elaborate things for the kids?  Because seeing the smiles on their faces is priceless and so precious. The day will come when even if we parents want to do something crazy for the kid’s birthday, it cannot compare to a simple celebration by his/her friends in school, or the efforts of a significant other.  This is the season and the time, so why not, according to your means and what you think is appropriate?  Don’t hold back, just Let It Go… Hah… Now the song’s stuck in your head right?

Happy 3rd birthday Baby!  Yes, you are a Princess because you are the daughter of the Most High.  Let no one cast doubt on how precious you are and how worthy you are of extravagant love. You are worthy not because of your external appearance, or talent or gift, things the world can take away and fade with time, but because God says you are beautiful and well-loved.  May you discover your place, position and purpose and learn to see the good in every situation.  Always dance, like you already do.

Love, Papa and Mama


Little Clothes for Little People: The V Back Skaterskirt Dress

Love when she moves and twirls with the skirt!

Love when she moves and twirls with the skirt!  Btw, it’s not my dress that’s making her grumpy.  She just woke up.  😐

V-back beige bodice with salmon pink skater skirt

Cute apple button at the V-back

Really proud of my first attempt at sewing Miss K a dress from scratch!  I wanted to do a simple circle skirt and ended up with something more challenging (unintentional) with the bodice, which I ripped and sewed 3 times to get it to look how I wanted it to.  I wanted to have something that K can twirl around in and the circle skirt had beautiful drapes!! 

There’s just something deeply satisfying about handcrafting something from nothing, though the economics really doesn’t add up – the costs, time and effort involved, instead of just going online and buying a ready-made dress.  I now have a lot more respect for the tireless seamstresses slaving away at the factories, perfecting that crease, that pleat, that fold because it really is hard!!  Thanks to encouraging comments from friends, especially a certain fashionista who said she loved the colour combi and wanted me to make her a skirt (I said sure!  Then I remembered her up and coming baby bump and hmm… that would indeed be challenging for me…), I’m even more motivated to practise more to perfect that stitch and add to my repertoire!  Little clothes for little people!! 

*You can get skaterskirt dresses with a lovely flare at our store too, if sewing’s not really your thing…

skaterskirt dresses in bright blue, navy blue, bright pink and mustard

Beautiful flared skirts


How to Wear Tulle Skirts

I’ve always had problems with tulle skirts.  We love how romantic and girly and sweet it makes our girls look, but how do you wear them so that they can sport the outfit without looking like going to a “getai”  in the day??  A quick trawl through google gave us plenty of good ideas and we hope they give you some inspiration too! 

1. Pair it with Denim

denim and tulle

play down the over-the-top girly elements of a tulle skirt with a rugged and casual denim top or jacket Image from

Who knew opposites can go so well together?  The structured denim material is contrasted with the soft flowing tulle and the girliness of the tulle skirt is balanced out by the more laid-back casual denim.  Rock the look with ease!  

2.  Tees and Tulles (don’t forget the sweater)

tee and tulle collage

Pair a tulle skirt with a cotton sweater for that sweet preppy look! Image from

We’ve always liked this outfit from Bonpoint 2013 Winter collection and have been wanting to see how to imitate this look.  Now you can!  Grab a cotton T-shirt and layer a sweater over. Button up the sweater and you get this neat, chic, preppy look that goes so well with the soft tulle skirt.  Perfect for any trip to a shopping mall.  You don’t even need to wait till winter to sport this wearable look in humid-but-has-a-lot-of-crazy-cold-shopping-centres Singapore! 

Get these inspired looks here at!!  These outfits are of limited stock and now going for a featured price!  

It’s been fun doing this kids’ style inspirational posts!  Let us know what kind of looks you like your kids to wear!