3 Investing Mistakes You Should Avoid

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After my first post, LimpehZ was informed by the Wife that this is supposed to be some up-market blog about children’s fashion, children’s education etc.  Surprise! LimpehZ doesn’t care and also doesn’t know anything about fashion etc, apart from: “That looks nice on you darling” and “I think that woman over there should wear more, like sweat pants, a zipped-up jacket and a paper bag over the head”.  On education, it is my plan for K to be a world-beating computer game player.  The Wife was not impressed at all until I showed her the prize money list for The International 2014 (the World Cup of computer games).  For the uninformed folks, here’s the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_International_2014, and scroll down to the Results section.  I’m such an outstanding educator that K’s school principal at a parent-teacher meeting said that “her mouse skills are very good”.  Actually, I haven’t started the intensive training regime yet, so it’s somewhere in the excellent genes that I’ve passed down.

Ok. I digress. But let me tell you a relevant story. It’s about this woman I met (who is not the Wife for the avoidance of any doubt).  This woman is also not the Other Woman, the kind that wives fear to hear about.  Don’t worry, LimpehZ is a (computer game) player, but not a playboy:

There was a woman who was very frugal, who scrimped and saved every penny to give the best to her family.  She bargained at the market, scouted around for discounts on household items, pondered long and hard over the best deals to go shopping and did a lot of hard work comparing prices and quality before buying a simple thing like a pot or a rice cooker. Over the years she accumulated substantial savings.  Wow this must be a woman who is good at knowing the value of things and money.  I thought so too.

Yet one day, during that time of the month when the monthly CDP statement (it listed all her investments in the shares of publicly listed companies) was received, she showed me the statement, which was a sea of red.  It’s not the Moses parting the Red Sea kind of miraculously good stuff but it’s the reason why there are phrases called “blood in the streets”, “my investments are bleeding” etc.  Anyway if you don’t have the faintest idea about investments, green is “going good” and red is “stop you’re killing me”.

I was curious.  Why did this woman, who knew the value of the dollars and cents she saved from her marketing and shopping, strangely careless when it comes to investments involving thousands and tens of thousands of dollars?  If after 5 years of the stock market going up in a straight line, you are still losing money then something must be obviously wrong.  I asked her for further and better particulars and here is what I learnt:

1 This woman obviously didn’t do her homework

I invest in this company because I like the sound of the name [it is called 思念 in Chinese, which means missing someone.  The company actually manufactures and sells dumplings in China – soromantic right?]… because I feel lucky buying this… because I made money buying and selling this before… because my friend/broker told me to buy

I was horrified.  She couldn’t even answer the simple question of “what does the company do for its business?” for 90% of the companies on her statement.  If only she applied the same diligence in sourcing out a good pot to her investments – perhaps her investments would resemble jackpots rather than chamberpots.

2 This woman wanted to get rich quick without any effort on her part

Oh it takes too much time and effort to research companies… so I just listen to my tips, friends, brokers or feeling on whether a certain company would go up then I buy… Oh I don’t like those blue chip companies, too slow and boring and expensive… I want those penny shares, I can buy more, it moves by 1 cent I make a lot of money.”

For people who share these views, there’s a better place which gives better odds and returns – it’s called the CASINO*.  Just because you are in the stock market, doesn’t mean you are an investor.  In the same way, just because you are in a church doesn’t mean you are a Christian… just because you are in a toilet doesn’t mean you are ….

*Please do not take this as an encouragement/inducement to go to the casino.  LimpehZ has a friend almost his age who committed suicide because he couldn’t pay off his gambling debts, because he couldn’t forgive himself and because he wrongly thought that God would not forgive him.  If you have a gambling problem, come talk to LimpehZ and he will pray for you.  If you don’t believe in God or if you think that prayer doesn’t work for you, take the 100% guaranteed success way: transfer all your monies to LimpehZ and you have no money to gamble… problem solved.  Very good right? LimpehZ always got practical solutions to problems.

3 This woman had no plan (or a very very bad plan)

“If it goes up by a few cents I will sell and buy again when the price goes down to a cheaper level.  If it goes down I will hold it long term like a true investor until it goes back up again.”

This essentially means that if the woman is lucky and the price goes up, she will make a little bit of money, perhaps a fraction of her investment (a few % depending on how much she can endure before cashing in).  But if things turns bad and she picks a dud to invest in, she will hold it the same way your kid will hold their favourite soft toy/pillow/blanket etc well into their teens or even adulthood (heaven forbid).  It will stink.

It is important to learn from these mistakes and do some self-reflection, preferably on someone else’s account.

Credit Card Cheat Sheet


This is LimpehZ – supreme dictator of the Z family, the humble husband of the Wife, fatherer of the two kids K & Z, and a contrite civil serpent earning milkpowder money so that the Wife can stay home with the aforementioned kids.

Comments from The Wife in pink:
Like seriously??  You want to call yourself LimpehZ?!  Why??  That totally goes against the elegant tone of my blog.  *cough*  Okay.  Whatever rocks your socks.  

I have to tell you that IMHO the Wife isn’t too good with numbers – she was in Maths remedial when I met her in our secondary school days (and she still needed help in JC) and to this day she will still remember numbers wrongly when I ask her “How much did you pay for that?”.  The magnitude of the error would be shocking, sometimes plus or minus an extra zero (or zeroes), and sometimes the first digit could be the difference between 1 and 9.  I would like to attribute that to her not ever having to worry about money, rather than dishonesty, but if I find out anything to the contrary I will let you know.

As a result of the above, our agreement is that I would handle all our family’s money.  Yes, I am that handsome balding Indian ex-ACS dude (Min Finance)*, and MAS and CPF* Board and GIC and Temasek all at the same time, for the sake of our family.

* Please note that I am neither balding, nor Indian, nor ex-ACS.  I was very handsome, just look at baby Z for proof.

A young unmarried colleague sometimes say that LimpehZ is very “uncle” because of my experience with financial matters (e.g. discounts/investments etc) and my conservative Christian views on marriage but he will know better when he gets married himself.  A good way to respond to any hint of disrespect for LimpehZ is to say “My son, I have fathered two children while your weapon is still of unknown quality.  We can talk more about this when your weapon has been tested in the day of battle.”  Works. Every. Time.

Anyway, I recently did a review of the credit cards in my wallet and just wanted to share the result of my findings with you.  I keep a pdf copy of the cheat sheet using the ibook app on my iphone, so that I know which card to use for what kind of expenses.  So hardworking/clever right? As the Z family doesn’t have a car, the petrol row is just for any family who does.  3 other cards that I have considered but don’t find suitable for my own needs are: Citibank Dividend, UOB One and Maybank Friends and Family (the Wife has one so I think that’s enough). Okay, that’s all the freebies you are getting from me.


(See annexure below)

Credit card cheat sheet (information updated as of 2 September 2014)

Credit card cheat sheet (information updated as of 2 September 2014)

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