Homeschool: Frozen Theme

It’s been a long time since I last blogged about what we did for homeschool.  Yes, we did take THAT long to finish a theme.  Ah well… It’s okay.  I’m not ashamed or stressed.  Important thing is to be relaxed and go at a more relaxed pace yeah?  😉  so unlike 2 months back!  😛  I still think so much more can be done with this theme but I feel we’ve run out of momentum already so I’m gonna just leave it.  Maybe we’ll come back to it if the interest resurfaces again.

As with all things FROZEN, these are some related activities that we did.   Some were a hit, others not so much.

1. Ice painting

Perfect mixed-age ‘group’ activity.  ‘Group’ meaning 2 kids below the age of 3, although I’m sure it’ll work for a bigger group of children.  I love doing art in the bathroom because they can make a mess and I’ll just hose them down after they are done!  Z was really happy pushing the ice around, though i didn’t realise I stripped him of his diaper and he was sitting in ice water for a looooonnnggg time.  It was, chilly.  No wonder he didn’t look too thrilled but he was still pretty game about it.

Prep:  Night before, fill an ice-tray with water and squirt some water colours.  Freeze overnight.
I used the $2 Daiso water colours palette.  When I’m feeling richer, I will go get the Ikea water colours in the squirt bottle!  Water colours aren’t supposed to stain clothes.  Right??

Ice Art - really really cold!

Ice Art – really really cold!

Very abstract.  But can go on the wall, I think, if  you put some expensive-looking frame.

Very abstract. But can go on the wall, I think, if you put some expensive-looking frame.

2. Snow Dough with moisturiser Liquid / Gel soap 

I did a post on this before.  It’s more of a sensory activity that encourages the child to exercise their fingers.  They love it!  I kept the original batch in the fridge in a ziplock and couple of weeks later, it was good to go again.  Just add more soap and mould them together.  Beware though, they are not so sticky and malleable, like Playdoh, and they tend to be more crumbly and hence, not so mouldable.  It’s good for some messy play, but not so great for crafting shapes and objects.  K’s gotten quite a lot of Playdoh since then and it’s great for creating snakes and apples (cuz that’s all I can make with Playdoh for now 😛 ).

Prep:  2:1 ratio of corn flour to moisturiser.   I’ve found out (through sheer lack of preparation and planning beforehand) that liquid/gel soaps work too!  Don’t worry too much about the ratio.  If it’s too dry, add more gel.  If it’s too wet, add more flour.

3. Exploding Snow 

This was something I thought would be a hit with K!  I mixed baking soda and shaving cream and when mixed together, it resulted in a really fine, cool snow-like texture.  Z was really happy just messing around with this one.  The key is the vinegar cuz when you spritz vinegar on the snow, it’s supposed to effervescent, hence, the name, exploding snow.  Once I brought out the vinegar and showed K how to make the ‘snow’ explode, she declared, “I don’t like it.  It’s smelly.”  Urm.. okay… So that was the end of the activity.  *facepalm*  Sigh… I will try again on a better day!

Prep: Baking soda (not the baking kind, the industrial cleaning kind that comes in a box.  Arm and Hammer, that’s the brand)
Shaving cream.  Spray liberally.
Vinegar (unless you want to skip the whole effervescent snow thing, which might be a good thing, if your child is a fussypot like mine)

playing with shaving cream snow

It really feels a bit like snow! Powdery and cold to the touch, especially if you had put the shaving cream in the fridge the night before.


Why is it brown? Because I didnt have clear vinegar and only had expired ZheJiang Vinegar – the kind you eat with Xiao Long Baos… So they kinda ended up looking like mud. Not so nice. But you can still see the effervescence.

4. Writing & Singing 

I wrote out the lyrics for Frozen.  She already knew most of the words, so we went through the parts which she wasn’t sure.  I wrote some parts (the “Let it go, let it go” part in the chorus) in a light highlighter and she wrote (traced) it out in marker.  Good writing practice, I figured.  I let her go to the computer, work the mouse (sooooo slow and soooo paaaainful), and type in some words to search for her favourite Frozen pictures.  We got them printed out and she cut them out and pasted them on her lyrics.  She was pretty excited!

frozen lyrics.  traced over highlighter

The piece on the left was her first attempt at writing. She got a lot better at controlling the marker towards the end.
K cut out the picture she found and printed off the Internet.

5. Mathematics – Sorting and packing

For her birthday party, she decided she wanted to be Queen Elsa and so, we are STILL on the Frozen theme.  Her grandma knew what she wanted and went to source for some really cool stuff – like Frozen stickers and stationery to put in the goodie gift packs.  We went to a wholesale market to get sweets and tidbits too so K had a swell time just tasting and testing the sweets.  She was quite ‘buai paisay’ to ask for this and that and the auntie there was super nice and obliging.  When we packed the goody bags, we involved her because we wanted her to know she’s the one giving out the gifts to her friends and so she should be helping right from the start (although the grandma was complaining that it’s so much faster if she did it alone – yes, of course!  but what’s the value for K if we did that?)  K did well in counting out the sweets and putting them into the gift packs.  She showed quite good concentration though we found 1 bag which had like, 10 sweets!!  She must have been distracted and confused by all the yelling of instructions.  Still, she had an awesome birthday in school!  I think…  Most of the time we were there, she looked so serious and shell-shocked by all the attention.

packing goodie bags for birthday party

Z was likeaboss making sure his minions are working. Ta dah!! Mighty pleased with the afternoon’s work.

6. Montessori

We are continuing our Montessori staples, which aren’t very fun to blog about but really, everything else is bells and whistles, but the real learning and foundation building are the Montessori activities.  These take place over many days of short practices – phonics, word-building, sounding out letters, counting sticks, grading, arranging blocks – and they always start out as mayhem but K gets better, more able to concentrate, given time and chances for repetition.  We are on word-building exercises  now – still stuck on cat, bag, but now she knows there are 3 sounds, and not just the first sound she pronounces.  It sure takes a long time to learn!  I downloaded some free Consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) printables from the amazing lady at “Imagine Our Life” for these word-building exercises.  You can improvise a Large Movable Alphabet with any alphabet set (multiple copies of each letter, especially the vowels, are ideal).

That’s it!  We are done with FROZEN and hopefully can now finally Let It Go…